Clara Who?

Oh! Is it? I Was here thinking and twists and turns in this mystery, Clara Oswin. Remains a secret her quote “I was born to save the Doctor!” Then I remember the TARDIS when it was stolen by (House) and placed inside a body (The TARDIS’s soul inhabiting Idris), self appointed himself SEXY (flirting the Doctor). House is an intelligent and very powerful (incarnated as the planet where they met) who robs and kills Tardis Timelords. SEXY in conversation with the Doctor “unique moment” reveals that not only the Doctor stole the TARDIS, the TARDIS itself stole HIM!! (at this moment I am screaming!). Linking this to the sequence of images when Clara falls in Doctor’s temporal stream and she is appearing at Gallifrey just when he, the Doctor would steal another TARDIS. Clearly indicated the Doctor to stay with the current SEXY!!! BRILLIANT!

Where the first Doctor and Susan (his granddaughter and Time Lord) planned to leave Gallifrey together. Stealing the defective TARDIS from the workshop under the Capitol. They were about to enter one of the TARDIS’s, but a young woman approached the Doctor and advised him to steal a different one that was “more fun”. The woman was one of the many incarnations of Oswald Clara Oswin, although Susan never knew her name or what she meant to the Doctor.

Apparently everything “seems” be interconnected or messed up in other ways. I’ve been checking the “recall” that the story is taking the Doctor’s past and indeed when The Doctor and Susan are about to leave Gallifrey. comic - Time & Time Again. Another curious hit about Susan is “On her home planet of Gallifrey, she was born with another name. Arkytior was her real name. It meant “ROSE” in High Gallifreyan.” - The Doctor consistently maintained that Susan was his biological granddaughter, or at the very least that it was likely, because he had a family in the sense that humans understood.

Some fans of the revived series believe the unknown Time Lady from The End of Time was actually Susan, mainly due to the fact that when Wilfred Mott asks the Doctor who she was, the Doctor looks past him to Donna Noble (Wilfred’s granddaughter) and does not answer. However, this has never been confirmed. Russell T Davies in the Doctor Who Confidential has stated that he doesn’t know for certain who the unknown woman is. In a March 2009 email reprinted in REF: Doctor Who: The Writer’s Tale - The Final Chapter, on pages 622-623, Russell T. Davies states that he created the character to be the Doctor’s mother, and that this is what actress Claire Bloom was told when she was cast. During filming, newspapers the Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph announced that Claire Bloom would be portraying the Doctor’s mother. However, Davies has acknowledged that the character could be interpreted as any trustworthy Time Lord or possibly even someone else.

Time & Time was a story in Doctor Who Magazine # 207, which celebrated the 30th anniversary of Doctor Who When published, was significant and well sensationalist “event”. The ten pages were larger than the standard BD at the time, but was originally printed in color - something that was not done regularly in DWM until the late 1990s.

She says, “it’s like my mother always said, the souffle is not the souffle, the souffle is the recipe.”


Curiously this pertinent question, rumours say that she is a former resident of Gallifrey. This idea is based on the image that appears when Clara falls into the stream of the Doctor’s life (so she lived and died several times to save the Doctor). Sure, Clara still has something more to reveal. And back to my theory.

“…the souffle is not the souffle, the souffle is the recipe…”
- So Clara is Literally baking the Doctor’s Souffle.
There was an unused plot in the first season of the new Doctor that would be revealed that Rose was actually part of an experiment of the Doctor playing to create a perfect travel companion. Glad that was never used, because it certainly would have been an example of a Doctor, going too far.

But when I saw the wild chain of events that resulted in the “birth” of Clara, I feared that Moffat missed th edge, could be happening to him in a strange way. I’m not 100% convinced that he is or is not, but I’m confident it will be more of a “sure things go right” instead of “making things go the way I want” kind of path tracing instead of destination, as Clara countered as a child.

Narratively, time was a service ready for use in the multi-Doctor story, but it has a cost, filled with many visual references to the past, as well as “The Five Doctors”. As with the previous script Terrance Dicks, Paul Cornell comic about building a structure that allowed for meetings between several different Doctor’s time / space.

The story took place almost exclusively in a alternate time line in which the first Doctor had been prevented from leaving Gallifrey by Black Guardian. However, the story ends back in the “actual” universe , what is ostensibly a true story of the First Doctor and Susan’s original departure from Gallifrey. It was the only time that the event was described in a visual medium, until the Series 7 (Doctor Who) episode “The Name of the Doctor.”

The Black Guardian changed the time for the Doctor never leave Gallifrey, it caused chaos among the stars. The Doctor must revisit his past and hunt the key to time, which will put the time back on track and defeat the Black Guardian.
Clara was there!!

She jumps, and she is lost in time.
She calls the Doctor.
Again and again.
And then she hears the voice of the doctor.
He sends you something to hold, something that will take it to him.
Is the leaf which exploded in the face of his father …
… What brought the mother of Clara …
… What led to the birth of Clara …
… That led to the Doctor …
… All of them …
… Until the eleventh Doctor found Clara …
… Again …
… And again …
… And again …

* She says; “I was born to save the Doctor”
* The Doctor can not save her, Twice.
* The Doctor will save Clara from your Timeline. (since Moffat announced she”Jenna” will continue on Next Season)
* She never loses her sense of herself or her past or who she is as a person. May take a while, but she eventually remember or act like “Doctor’s Healer” (because nothing here is accidental, she was meant to).
* She doesn’t know / recognize River Song, she is overwhelmed in the know.
* She is not the girl who waited, she always ran behind the Doctor.
* She lives a double / triple / etc life (live and die by the entire timeline of the Doctor)
* She is curious (very much)
* She’s rapidly absorbed in Timeline and in seconds defeated the GI, apparently.
* She is brave
* She is a terrible flirt
* She will continue with the Doctor.
* When Clara falls into the timeline of the Doctor, she gets the burning eyes looking, relative or similar of the “spirit” of the Great Intelligence, like she is possessed or controlled, this scene takes only seconds in the scene.
* The Current Clara lost her mother and her father says she came into the world on a leaf (leaf who guided to the first meeting of Clara parents, as something purposeful, predestined).
* Clara deliberately abdicated their live without hesitation to help the Doctor, knowing he was going to live and die in infinitely Doctor’s timeline.
* Clara died as Human.
* Clara was born on November 23 (one of her copies), same Doctor Who Serie Birthday. Latter she told she was born inside Big Ben
* She was physically normal human girl of the 21st century
* She is the impossible / possible girl
* She thought the idea of ​​fate was “rubbish”.
* We know Clara WIFI Password: “rycbar123 ” - runs clever boy and remember”
* Clara destroy a Cyberman.
* She told the Doctor that steal TARDIS. (Ironically chose Sexy) back to the Gallifrey.
* She saw the second and eighth Doctor having an adventure together in a park with palm trees.
* She tried to catch Doctor on Gallifrey fourth regeneration Doctor
* She saw The Fifth Doctor while trapped inside the Matrix.
* While the Tenth Doctor looked through the futuristic landscape of the Library, Clara watched unnoticed behind.
* She looked the same each time. Always equal, same appearance, same age. Copy after copy.
* Her name was similar in each life.
* She is clever. (Very much)
* She always worked with children.
* She likes soufflés. (Even the Imaginary)* We know that she is more adept at living an existence at once. Dalek Clara Oswin built a reality around itself that protected the terrible reality of his Dalek-existence. “the soufflé isn’t the soufflé; the soufflé is the recipe,” possible hard spoiler to Doctors Future.

I don’t know where she is, she is everywhere, it shatters into a million pieces spreads in time and space within the Doctor’s timeline. She is now the present, the past and future of the Doctor.

"My name is Clara. My name went after my great-aunt, Clara Oswin Oswald. Till now I’ve spent my life dragged by a "man" and his TARDIS. Never saw this man nor the TARDIS, but I have had dreams , so I drew. "……" Yesterday I visited my aunt Clara, and I showed him my drawings. she cried. I don’t know why, but she screamed. That scared me a bit. she mumbled what I thought was: "run clever boy …" or something. Then came to my mind: "and remember" …… " I just wanted to know who this man was. And what is this TARDIS. It’s something she was not telling me." Does she know this man? She has seen this TARDIS? Well, maybe she knows (which is more likely) or maybe she doesn’t know. "

Curiosity about “it’s not possible” - The Tenth Doctor told Jack Harkness that he was impossible because of what Rose did to him as the Bad Wolf (in addition to bring you life after death, gave him immortality, Jack will live “forever” and says it is known as The face of BOE). The eleventh Doctor continues referring to Oswin Clara as Oswald not possible. Furthermore, the TARDIS has something against Clara. Stated more than once.

The truth about Clara was finally revealed: when the Great Intelligence enters the Doctor’s timestream and undoes all of the good he has done across time and space, Clara enters the timestream after him to basically act as damage control. Her existence is split into millions of pieces and spread throughout space and time to help the Doctor, whether he realizes it or not (and most of the time he doesn’t realize it).
After months of reading fan theories and half-expecting a cop-out ending (i.e., Clara never really existed except in the Doctor’s mind), I was personally really surprised and pleased with this outcome. It’s logical, and it fit into the cloth woven by the story so far without dropping threads. What did surprise me was a lot of the anger that cropped up online in response to Clara’s story.
According to the responses I’ve read, people seem to be angry that Moffat’s companions are formulaic and seem to exist solely to serve the Doctor’s purposes, and are stripped of all agency, or ability to act and make their own choices.
Let’s take a closer look at Clara in this context.
Generally speaking, viewers only really get to see the companions in the context of their relationships with the Doctor. That’s the basis of the show. Sure we might get some insights into their daily lives, aspirations, and personal goals, but ultimately the stories that we follow on Doctor Who are the stories of the adventures had by people who meet the Doctor and join him on his travels.
Clara didn’t even join the Doctor immediately on his travels. When he initially asked her to join him in the TARDIS in the infamous “snog box” scene from “The Bells of Saint John”, she refuses. She isn’t subject to his whim and demonstrates that she is capable of making her own choices. Clara joins the Doctor because she has a keen sense of curiosity and craves travel and adventure, not because she is intrinsically tied to the Doctor (as her echoes will be).
In “The Name of the Doctor” Clara cites that she was born to save the Doctor, but this is not entirely true. The first, true Clara Oswald was not inherently born to save the Doctor. She understood that if she entered the timestream, she would be split into echoes of herself across time (just as she had witnessed with the Great Intelligence) and that those various incarnations of herself would exist to assist the various regenerations of the Doctor. The original Clara made a conscious choice and acted in a way that likely stripped agency from all other versions of herself, but the choice was still hers.
And the choice was indeed hers. She reasoned the solution herself and acted on her own. Actually she even acted against the Doctor’s and River Song’s wishes. Granted, the real threat of an entire universe collapsing should she not act is a powerful motivator.
Now, once she made that choice, things got interesting. Here is Clara’s speech as she falls through the Doctor’s timestream:
“I don’t know where I am. I don’t know where I’m going or where I’ve been. I was born to save the Doctor, but the Doctor is safe now, and I’m The Impossible Girl and my story is done.”
Clara had already accepted that her actions would result in her end. She saw that the Great Intelligence was destroyed when he was split across time and surmised that the same would happen to her. Clara was prepared to die, and it was her choice.
Now, here things get a bit muddy: it appears that Clara wasn’t ultimately destroyed as she had expected (though it is kind of hard to tell – she seems to be currently existing in some sort of limbo). I have two possible conclusions: One, the Doctor selfishly acted to save her and in this case he does strip her of agency by rendering her brave act null (except for the part of her act that saves him and countless worlds); Two, this consequence was actually completely unexpected (i.e., Clara should have died and somehow didn’t), and in light of this the Doctor responded by saving her. In this second scenario, The Impossible Girl’s story is not done as she claimed and the Doctor, realizing this, saves her to prevent the rest of her story unfolding with her scared and alone in a purgatory state.
So these are my thoughts on Clara Oswin Oswald, The Impossible Girl who I believe acts upon her own free will in the face of immense, universe-shaping choices that most people should never have to face. Clara’s arc was explained, but as Moffat is telling us, she’s not ready to leave the Show yet.
Now, nearly at the end of 7th season we have the confirmation of Clara “returns” she will be the companion on the 8th season with the brand new Peter Capaldi. As announced Capaldi it is suppose to bring a new Doctor, Moffat already announced the narrative will change and in Clara’s matter, let’s see how she deal with him ;) or in other words, if there’s something more to bake. :P The last mini sode and mini episode reveals a mind blown plot, with curious new things, of course with Clara as main companion. The Girl who was born to save the day of the Doctor.

Clara Who?
Now I leave you thinking about it.